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เครื่องผลิตแก๊ส (Gas Generator)

Parker provides on-site, on-demand gas supply solutions, and offers a comprehensive range of analytical and industrial gas generation systems. Our nitrogen gas generators for industrial applications and analytical lab gas generators support laboratory equipment and instruments. All Parker gas generators provide simple “plug and play” installation, efficiently enabling a continuous or on-demand supply of consistently pure gas.

       – Hydrogen Gas Generators

       – Nitrogen Gas Generators 

       – Zero Air Gas Generators 

       – FTIR Purge Gas Generators 

       – Gas Filtration 



For Analytical Instruments:

– Gas Chromatography  

– FT-IR Spectrometer

– ICP Spectrometry

– LC-MS 

– Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

– Solvent Evaporator

– AA-Flame


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