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The brands we have in our portfolio have over one hundred years of heritage in seeking to make scientists
lives as easy and cost effective as possible. Working with our customers, our goal is clear – to make VWR
Chemicals your fist choice, whatever your application, for both quality and value. Using customer
feedback, we’re proud to be able to offer:
Thousands of products for analysis, research and production, many new to our range
Multiple grades ensuring the right quality for each application
Laboratory and production pack sizes
Custom manufacturing services
VWR continues to invest through both development and the acquisition of market-leading laboratory and
production chemical and life science companies such as AMRESCO®, United Biochemicals, Anachemia, PTI,
Seastar, Klinipath and LABOnord amongst others increasing our manufacturing capabilities. This enables
us to continue to expand our product choices, production capacity, logistic capabilities and levels of
We never lose sight of the fact that we need to deliver all this in full compliance with the European
REACh directive plus, the Global Harmonised system of hazardous chemical labelling and other legislation,
as it arises. VWR has also invested heavily in quality improvement systems and process excellence whilst
continuing to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.
Ongoing investment in production facilities
VWR production sites in France and Belgium have been recently expanded to include new automated and
semi-automated filing lines to enhance our capability, flxibility and improve service levels. This
investment includes extensive redevelopment of the Quality Control facilities at the VWR Haasrode site in
Belgium. The laboratory is now over twice its original size with dedicated instrumental analysis,
biochemical analysis and wet chemistry areas.
As chemistry develops with ppb and ppt level analysis commonplace, tighter and tighter reproducible
specifiations are required. At VWR we test every batch to guaranteed parameters because we don’t
believe that typical results are good enough. New instrumentation and continuous professional
development of our scientifi staff ensure that we stay ahead of your needs and our sites are regularly
audited by our customers with very successful results. VWR use cleanrooms working to ISO standard 7 for
the filing of Pharmacopoeia-quality products.

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