LCA | Thermo Scientific MBP&QSP

Thermo Scientific™ QSP products offer high quality consumables in a complete and innovative
portfolio for your evolving liquid transfer and storage needs. Trust our economical solutions for Life
Science research. Blending a unique combination of value and performance, QSP consumables are
the products you and your research can rely on.

– Large selection of pipette tips for every application requirement.
– Excellent contamination control with small micron fiter tips.
– Environmentally friendly packaging options.

Filter Pipette Tips
QSP racked sterile filter tips are shrink wrapped and certified free of RNase/DNase, DNA, Pyrogen, Endotoxin, ATP, Bioburden, and PCR inhibitors. QSP filters utilize a patented small micron filter technology assisting in the prevention of aerosol contamination.

Standard Pipette Tips
QSP standard pipette tips are made from 100% virgin polypropylene utilizing state of the art molds and molding methods. Our tips are precision molded for an airtight fit without using a mold release agent in the manufacturing process

Microcentrifuge tubes and Microtiter tubes

Surface Decontaminants
Decontaminate your labware with RNase AWAY or DNA AWAY and remain confident your work is free of nuclease and nucleic acid contamination.

Clinical products
MBP ART® Barrier Hinged Rack Pipet Tips 
MBP’s Aerosal Resistant Tip (ART®) is a self-sealing filter tip that protects pipettors from crossover contamination by not allowing liquids or aerosols to come into contact with the pipettor.

ART® Barrier Hinged Rack Pipet Tips 

ART® Barrier Hinged Rack Low retention Pipet Tips