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The ITW Reagents Division has been established by the companies Panreac Quimica SLU (Spain), AppliChem GmbH (Germany) and Nova Chimica (Italy) with the aim of bringing together the experience and know-how of three seasoned companies. The Division offers the most innovative and best quality products for chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and medical research and production applications.

PanReac AppliChem offers you the most commonly used products in Life Science labs. The category General Biochemicals & Biological Buffers comprises the different kinds of prepared buffers and chemicals to create your own buffers. We also provide a broad spectrum of detergents and a wide selection of chemicals for Bioresearch.

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Cell Biology / Cell Culture(Click Cell Biology / Cell Culture PDF)
– Amino Acids
– Antibiotics & Antimycotics
– Media and Supplements
– Mycoplasma & Decontamination
– Dyes & Analytics

Protein Biochemistry & Electrophoresis
– Acrylamids & Products for PAGE
– Detergents for Proteomics
– Assays, Inhibitors & Supplements

Nucleic Acid Biochemistry (Click Nucleic Acid Biochemistry PDF)
– Decontamination
– Enzymes for NA Biochemistry
– Buffers
– Analytics & Assays – Isolation of Nucleic Acids

General Biochemicals & Biological Buffers
– Buffers
– Detergents
– Chemicals for Bioresearch

Special Biochemicals
– Sugars
– Vitamins
– Special Biochemicals