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          For premium quality and performance in quality testing labs, you can count on Corning. In our
continuous efforts to improve efficiencies and develop new tools for microbiology applications,
we have scientists working in Corning labs doing what you do every day, across the globe. From
sampling and preparation to bacteria growth and analysis, our technical experts understand your
challenges and the changing regulatory requirements that shape your day-to-day processes.
It is this expertise, plus a 160-year legacy of Corning innovation
and manufacturing excellence, that puts us in a unique
position to be able to offer high quality, reliable microbiology
consumables for quality testing labs. The recent introduction
of our Corning® Gosselin™ line of consumables including
Petri dishes, dippers and inoculating loops, has completed
our portfolio, creating a beginning-to-end solution for quality
testing labs across industry segments.
This product selection guide provides a step-by-step guide highlighting the Corning products and
brands which support the quality testing process at each stage.

Corning® Gosselin ™ Brand Products

Corning has been a pioneering brand of disposable labware for
microbiology in Europe since 1965.
Corning Gosselin products offer:
A complete range of products to meet your testing needs
Manufacturing facility is:
– CE compliant and US FDA registered for some products
– Raw materials/resins, compliancy with 94/62/EC and REACH
– ISO 9001 certified
– ISO 14001 certified
Easily accessible traceability features such as:
– Peelable labels with lot numbers, expiration date, and sterilization
information to insert in your laboratory notebook
– Sterilization treatment visual indicator on each case
– Certificates of Compliance can be downloaded on our website

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