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Protein Purification
-Resin:Chromatography resins in bottles to capture and polish mAbs, antibody fragments, other biomolecules, and vaccines
-Prepacked columns: Ready-to-use formats expertly packed with chromatography resins. From 96-well plates for PD to disposable 32L columns.
-Empty Chromatography Columns: Wide range of empty lab-scale and process-scale columns for manual and automated packing of chromatography resins.
Amersham Blotting,  Labeling & Detection
-Blotting membrane & Blotting papers
-Labeling and Detection Reagents for Protein Blotting (ECL reagent)
-Protein Molecular Weight Markers
 Sample Preparation & DNA Amplification
–          Cell preparation : Product for cell selection and density separation ( Ficoll and Percoll)
–          Protein preparation: Vivaspin TM ultrafiltration spincolumns are designed for fast, non-denaturing concentration and desalting of proteins and other biological samples.
–          Molecular biology : Explore our molecular biology products for DNA amplification, nucleic acid and protein preparation, and DNA analysis. Oligo synthesis products.